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An all-in-one personalisation toolkit for publishers to analyse user behaviour, deliver personalized content, boost pages, test stories and take action in real time.


Deliver Personalized Content to Users

Transform your site into a dynamic platform that adapts to each user’s interests.

  • Improve retention
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Increase sales

Understand Your Audience

Explore live and recent user activity to see what’s winning and help you strategize for success.

  • Analyze user behaviour & trends
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Utilize user interests & demographics

Story Booster

Boost specific stories that you want to direct more traffic to. Perfect for sponsored stories.

  • Native and Facebook boosting
  • Reach read targets faster
  • Improve conversion rate

Test Story Headlines and Images

Test the Click Through Rate by creating multi variant tests of your stories.

  • Up to 4 variants per test
  • Unlimited tests
  • Maximize CTR performance


“Readersight has given us a great insight in to how our users interact & consume our content in realtime, armed with this knowledge we have been able to increase article consumption by publishing articles that our audience are really interested in.”

Art Cuddy
Daily Mail Group

"We've used Readersight to encourage discovery for our audience of the wide range of content on RTÉ.ie. As a public service media provider, working with the Readersight team has allowed us balance the algorithm to ensure that we are promoting content that is engaging and making impact but also surfacing other more niche content that normally might be missed. By understanding the behaviours and preferences of our audience in realtime, we can present the "next best option" to the reader. This had led to a deeper and broader engagement with our content across the site."

Neil Leyden
Head of

“Readersight gave us great insights based on the data that they can provide us. It gives us more information long term on what our users interest and what kind of content and interests they have. We use this information to persuade them to read more content on The Next Web and to show them other projects/products we’re working on."

Martijn Scheijbeler
Director of Marketing






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