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The Premier League is nearing its end with a few more matches to go, but Man City have already claimed their title after Man United lost to West Brom a couple of weeks ago. This achievement has ranked Man City far ahead of other teams and lost Arsene Wenger his title of manager with Arsenal. But when it comes to reader interest and return on investment, who is winning in a match of engagement?


Amassing an audience of 12 million people across 80 broadcasters globally, England’s Premier League stands triumphant as one of the most popular leagues in the world. But when we take a closer look, what is it that catches an audience’s attention? Does the ongoing rivalry between Man City and Man United have us at the edge of our seats?


Or is there something in the storyline of the characters, similar to a soap opera, where the faces at the head of teams drive the intrigue? Today through our data insights, we show how personalities at the head of Premier League teams influence traffic and engagement through the drama of their storylines.

Hover over various bars within the chart to view the total story and overall views for that day

In the interactive chart above, you can see the amount of traffic received per day relating to team managers in the Premier League, shown across a timeline you can scroll through from left to right. When hovering over different bars within the chart, you can see the total views overall and the top story views received. We measured these insights by scanning texts using named entity extraction tools, and using this data we can demonstrate how utilizing these valuable insights can generate a better return of investment with your content.


As we scroll through the chart, we can see that our top managers in the chart reach various spikes throughout the season. In the week of November 26th Sam Allardyce received the highest consistent reach, as he took his position as the new manager of Everton, and Pep Guardiola stole the show in the week of December 17th as he discussed renewing his contract as manager of Man City. Already 11 points ahead of the other teams at this time, Man City were clearly on their path to Premier League glory, but it’s evident from the above insights that there was another manager staying consistently ahead in reader intrigue…


Jose Mourinho, Premier League coach. source: RTÉ

Jose Mourinho, source: RTÉ

Quoted as saying “When I go to the press conference before the game, in my mind the game has already started”, Jose Mourinho’s personality keeps him at the center of attention. From starting arguments with fellow managers to a tax evasion case, combined with the ongoing rivalry between Man City and Man United, he stays at the forefront of media hype, irregardless of Manchester United’s success.


Other managers, such as Arsene Wenger have hit a higher reach than Mourinho during particular weeks, with over 14,000 reads in the week of January 7th in comparison to the 9,372 received by Mourinho. This peak came about after discussions around the team’s forward Alexis Sanchez possibly moving to Man United. Though at this time, investing in Wegner would be the favourite for reader interest, the overall insights show that a steady investment in Mourinho would be the better game plan.


It’s through this data that publishers can shine a light on what elements of their content will drive the best engagement. Knowing what to expect when looking for clicks, conversions and traffic is what will inevitably drive greater ROI, and build the kind of loyalty that generates subscriptions. It is through insight awareness that you will show your commitment to your readers, and create closer ties to those who are willing to invest in your content.


If you’re looking for a more in-depth dive into these insights, as well as more on other top sportsperson in boxing, cricket and more click here to see our technical blog. In it, we go into more detail surrounding what Named Entities are, demonstrate what types are the most popular in reported news and give an example featuring who the most popular managers are within the top U.K. football clubs.

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