Our Products and Solutions


Optimization dashboard with real-time data that helps you draw an accurate picture of your audience and take quick action.

Our dashboard displays critical information using a user-friendly design, making it easy to navigate and explore by article, author, trend, psychographic and more.

  • Explore your audience with a click, filtering by demographics and user’s preferences
  • Know which articles are kicking off in a real-time, or compare their results to previous articles
  • Analyse audience engagement and take action in real-time or for long-term decision-making

Social Optimiser

Reduce your investment and increase your ROI with our Social Optimiser. Make your Facebook account more effective by integrating our multi-variant testing for headlines and images.

  • Test the most attractive headline and image to optimize your conversion
  • Generate more revenue testing variants simultaneously
  • Learn from your audience preferences and act fast

Audience Calculator

Estimate your audience reach within relevant interest or demographic groups with a single click. Generate easy reports in real-time and measure your audience by segment.

  • Calculate your audience by psychographics and demographics
  • Simple real-time user reports to support your sales team
  • Verify and target your unique and current visitor profile and preferences

One-on-one Recommendation

Recognize and treat each member of your audience as an individual with our one-on-one recommendation. By understanding their preferences our algorithm impacts the user with tailored content according to their behaviour.

  • Tailor your recommended articles by user preferences
  • Provide related content to your audience, recycling relevant articles
  • Recognize your audience needs, increasing engagement and satisfaction

Native Boost

Meet your visitor targets using our native content boost. Prioritising by relevancy, we boost your articles to a curated audience with real-time results.

  • Extend your article reach to a larger and relevant audience
  • Meet and manage your visitor read quotas by 1-click
  • Audience and performance reports in real-time

A/B testing

Understand what works better to which audience using our A/B testing for images and headlines. Using split testing allows you to validate which one attracts more engagement and conversion from your audience.

  • Quickly determine which version of your story your audience find most attractive
  • Increase CTR using the most effective headline and image
  • Reduce bounce rate and grow your recycling conversion rate







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